Marianne Krauss is a Chilean / German stylist and creative director based in Europe,she is a child of the Universe. 

Her career as a fashion stylist it started from school, she would go through her mum’s magazines , Vogue , Elle , etc…when she finished school she realized she was interested in fashion and studied the career. From Chile she moved to Barcelona , and specialized in fashion it not was until she moved for a while to NYC she realized that it wasn’t the make of the clothes she was interested in, it was the whole concept. So from there she did a course that was a mixture of art direction and creative direction. She did lots of work experience around the globe and realized that was styling what she loved. 

She began with menswear , she has always been into boys clothing and even hers owns have a masculine edge as well as her work.

Now she works for international publications both in Europe and the US. 

Interestingly enough now women’s fashion is her majority with some very interesting men’s fashion projects upcoming.